Thursday, June 9, 2016

These days


These days, I'm ...

- enjoying the sunshine, earth and open air as much as possible
- looking forward to my last week of art class and working on end of the year grades and evaluations
- collecting delightful books and resources for Levi's kindergarten year
- rather exhausted from my energetic night owls AND early risers
- reading "Little Men" by Louisa May Alcott and inspired by Jo's teaching and the atmosphere of "Plumfield"
- dreaming about starting a Charlotte Mason homeschool co-op
- looking forward to having more time to paint this summer and hoping to get through at least 3 paintings 
- working on our summer bucket list and summer reading list
- paying down our debt, Dave Ramsey style..
- ... learning how to be extremely frugal in the process
- enjoying my kids, their funny conversations, their mischievious antics, their love for each other.
- counting down the days until August which will include a 10th wedding anniversary extravaganza complete with a houseboat and tree cabin AND our annual family camping trip
- thankful for many, many things


  1. Hey Kerrie,

    It's been a long since i checked out your blog, but I did notice the "dreaming about starting a Charlotte Mason homeschool co-op" tonight and would love to be part this, I know my kids are still a little bit young but i think this could a wonderful community to be part of.
    Larisa Smyrnow

    1. Hi Larisa! Good to hear from you! We should get together one of these days to catch up! I'm not sure when the co-op would start, but there is a cm group of moms who are coming out of the wood work, so something may happen in the years to come. Still trying to figure it all out! I'll keep you posted. Blessings! Kerrie

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