Tuesday, January 13, 2015

these days...

These days, I'm...

- writing our "Winter Survival List"
- watching my husband work and write through his last semester of grad school 
- hanging in my hammock
- cuddling my kids by the fire
- thankful for care packages left on my doorstep, at just the right time
- reading and scribing the book of Philippians with my church family
- painting my brother AND sister's wedding paintings (finally), hoping to finish by spring
- enjoying the "emergency date kit" Brian gave me for Christmas
- teaching art lessons inspired by Dr. Seuess, Andy Warhol, Snowy Owls and a Robert Frost poem. 
- soaking in Magnolia's constant smiles and giggle and Levi's sweet, smart personality
- listening through the 99% Invisible archives
- reweaving a seat on an antique children's chair
- loving 11am-12pm when the sun hits our rainbow maker just right and fills the kitchen with dancing color
- reading daily through my well worn copy of "Streams in the Desert" with a friend who needs it's encouragement just as much as I do
- processing through a hard week, spending most days at my parents', keeping my Dad company and trying to encourage him as he battles through a very dark valley..and praying that he gains enough weight and gets well enough to try a clinical trial in the near future.
- thankful for hope and comfort in Christ

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