Thursday, April 24, 2014

these days

these days, I'm...

- enjoying April break and a week of rest, fun and quality time with Brian and Levi before baby comes
- listening to Levi play with words and make *mostly* hilarious jokes
- very proud of my student's final art history projects; hopefully I'll get around to posting them at some point!
- quickly going through my 10th and 11th bags of chewable ice from Sonic Drive-In to feed my crazy ice pregnancy craving
- having lots of braxton hicks and always wondering if it's time
- eating way too much left-over Easter candy
- trying to keep the house relatively clean and our bags relatively packed 
- spending time with my sister, Kimmie, before she graduates and heads back to Maryland for the summer
- feeling very full and ready to be holding my baby girl in my arms rather than in my tummy
- working on final art evaluations of my middle and high schoolers and planning an art museum field trip for us all in June
- relishing an abundance of hugs and kisses from my affectionate son
- enjoying and photographing the first blossoms of spring around town, (especially the Magnolias)...and SO happy it's finally spring. 
- mostly just trying to keep my mind off of waaaaaaiiiitttting. :)

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  1. She'll be here so soooon! (Even though it doesn't feel like it). Very excited for you three. Wish we were closer so we could have Levi come over to play :).